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COVID test in function of foreign travel

Foreign travel is still not recommended at this time. Many countries are still considered to be a 'red zone'.

However, if you do need to travel abroad, and you require a negative coronavirus test, you can have this test performed in the clinical laboratory at our hospital.

Please read the following information carefully before coming to the hospital.

Where can you go and when?

The administration of a COVID test for foreign travel can be performed in our clinical laboratory without an appointment.


on weekdays : 7.30 - 18.00 hrs.

pijltjesaturday: 8.00 - 11.00 hrs.

What instructions should I follow?

Registration and payment

1.    On arrival at the hospital, check in at the registration kiosk in the entrance hall.

2.    Then you need to check in at the reception desks in the main entrance hall.
       You mention that you are coming for a COVID test in connection with a trip abroad.
       The receptionist will ask you to pay the cost of this COVID test immediately, which amounts €47.81.
       The health insurance will not reimburse COVID tests in the context of foreign travel.

Administration of the test

3.    With the receipt from the reception desk you then go to the clinical laboratory of our hospital.
       Without proof of payment, the test will not be performed.
       The clinical laboratory is located in block B (follow yellow signs), on the 3rd floor.

Result of the test

4.    You will find the result of the test in your online medical record at www.cozo.be as soon as possible - at the latest within 36 hours.
       After a negative test, you can print or photograph the proof there. You register in CoZo with your eID or itsme.